Finlays is premium brand of tonic wine with international quality standards, fortified with essential vitamins for your toasting / drinking pleasure on all occasions / celebrations.

Brand properties

a.      Attributes:

-          Contains 9% volume alcohol.

-          A special blend of grape wine and tonic bitters

-          Fortified with essential Vitamins.

-         Unique pleasant taste to the palate

b. Benefits:

-          Puts you on the right social mood

-          Invigorating.

      c. Values

-          Specially formulated for pleasure / health

-          Affordable

-          Accessible

-          NAFDAC Approved

d. Brand Personalities

     Unisex, Sociable & friendly, Healthy and Sanguine   

Target Consumers

A.      Demographics

-         28 – 45 years

-          Female and Male.

-          C D & E socio-economic groups.

-          Urban & Semi-urban centres,

B.     Psychographics

  • Middle class, pleasure seeking, health conscious individual / families who value hard work and would appreciate the tonic and health giving properties of the brand as a wine for celebration and regular consumption.


Brand’s USP

  • Unique red rich tonic wine.
  • Contains essential vitamins
  • Indigenous blend at par with international standard



Finlays is specifically blended with grape and tonic bitters which can be drunk on its own or with preferred mixers such as cola, lemon, lime or straight on the rocks at any time. Its unique recipe contains extracts of tamarind indica, vernonia amygdaline, Capensis and Zizphus Jujuba bark.

Selling Idea

... have a good time


Crest logo.

Key Purchasing Drivers

Fruity smooth taste, Price, Potency / Alcohol content, Flavour, Packaging, Heritage / source and Occasion / Mood

Consumer Insight

Hanging out with my friends is the best way to end a stressful day, but it’s never complete without the rush of a Finlays tonic wine to set the mood.

I never compromise my unique fruity taste, so my Finlays match my poise.

Mary is an urban 32 years old Marketing Executive. She likes life on the fast lane and sees herself going places. At social circles, she sticks with the taste of Finlays that fits her image, so she would rather take a drink that sets her in the right mood.

She has a steady boyfriend which she sees as part of the social game. She drinks Finlays as a social lubricant, a tool for female bonding & a provider of feminine identity.

Her life’s philosophy: “Be Smart, Work Hard and Play Hard”.

With Finlays, Mary is assured of a world-class quality drink both in taste and presentation that can match those imported wine in the trade.