Teezers is a mild alcoholic beverage in three variants for every exciting moment of your life. A youthful drink, Teezers celebrates youth and the quest to explore inner talents.


Teezers comes in 33cl burst cans which are in three colours for each variant (Lime-green, Ginger-Yellow, and Exotic-Red). The can also contains a silver streaked brand logo set in the primary colour background with a dark hued strip at the base of the can.

Teezers secondary package is in shrink-wrapped cartons, in pack sizes of 24x33cl, 12x33cl and 6x33cl.   

Brand Colours/Symbols

- Green, Yellow, Red, White and Silver colour.

- Diamond shaped logo

Brand Properties

- Contains 5.5% alcohol

- Exciting, Smooth flavoured taste

- Packaged in exciting designed cans with bright, bold, colours

Brand Characters

Youthful, Excitement, Energetic, Lively, Active

Brand Essence

Teezers Cocktails is the fuel for activity and excitement where-ever the fun is.

Unique Selling Proposition

 An Alcopop with exciting taste that revs up additional excitement for all occasions.

Target Consumers Profile

- Unisex

- Aged 18 - 35yrs

- Border-line alcoholic drinkers

- Pre/post secondary educated

- A, B & C socio-economic group

Consumer insight

Dayo is an intelligent 2:1 undergrad student of engineering at UNILAG and an aspiring/upcoming Hip-Hop artist. Sizzling good looks with a savvy knowledge in trendy dressing makes him the epicentre of fun, excitement and all the cool babes on campus.

School by day and Gigs by night, Da’fizzy as his fans fondly call him is living the dream.

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