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We will continue to support festivals - IDL Sales Operational Manager (West II) Mr. Olumide Makinde


The Sales Operational Manager (West 11), International Distilleries Limited, Mr. Olumide Makinde, has said the company’s brands will continue to identify with festivals and other projects that uphold the heritage of the people.

Makinde made this statement in Ibadan, Oyo State. He highlighted ways in which IDL has been positioning its various products, while upholding its corporate social responsibility.

According to him, IDL has contributed a lot in terms of community development, festivals, education and infrastructure.

He said, “We recently sponsored the Oke Ibadan Festival. We are always part of Osun-Osogbo Festival, Olojo-Festival, Ojdue Oba, Oranmiyan Festival, Igwe Festival, and other notable Nigerian festivals. We are always there big time, because we respect tradition and culture.”

Makinde noted that many Nigerians – Africans in general – still appreciate their cultural heritage as it gives them identity. As a result, they love anyone or organisation that support their bids to celebrate it.

“That is why our brands, such as Veleta Fruit Drink, Finlays tonic Wine, Squadron Dark Rum, Eagle Majesty Aromatic Schnapps, Teezers, Action Bitters, Bull Gin & Rum, and Chelsea London Dry Gin, will continue to satisfy the yearning of customers and stakeholders,” Makinde said.

Noting that the products have continued to do well, he said the company faces some challenges, chief of which borders on the activities of fake drugs. He, however, noted that this is not peculiar to IDL

Makinde explained, “Adulteration is killing original brands. But we at IDL have made our brands very difficult to imitate, through pricing, consumer promo, direct sale etc. We implore government to do strict law, to hack down producers of fake products, who have done damage to good products. Anyway, our brands are difficult to imitate, because we produce good quality drinks.”